Commercial kitchen equipment makers cashing in on rising number of restaurants in Faridabad

commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers

FARIDABAD: Rising number of restaurants and changing cooking preferences is bringing pleasant business for commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers in service from Faridabad. They are catering to separate restaurants and the ones in restaurants, hotels and different food service places. Commercial kitchen equipment comprises commercial fryers, microwaves, ovens, cooking ranges, toasters, and food warming equipment, etc. These can process or hold more food than normal kitchen consumer durables.

Faridabad Small Industries Association (FSIA) president, Rajiv Chawla said in the present days, people would like all kinds of fruits and vegetables in all seasons, packed meat and food items are in great demand. All this needs refrigeration and cold storage equipment. Because of this change, manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment are prospering.”

He further added, “There are around 7 to 10 commercial kitchen manufactures in Faridabad, which also supply to the rising hotel industry. The size of this industry is around Rs 250 crore. Commercial kitchen equipments manufacturers industry is not going to face any decelerate in the coming 25 years. “There are different factors to support continuous growth. First, we are moving towards an international system of eating. For example, earlier, if one used to demand samosa,  that has been replaced by memos now. Second, various international food chains are arriving India. Third, restaurant and hotels are now growing industry. All this has lead add to in demand for commercial kitchen equipment in India.

Khanna Engineers, who has been in this business since 1988 in Faridabad said, “Market has expanded extremely as a result of change in people’s lifestyle. At the moment, people don’t have much time to spoil in conventional way of eating and cooking. As well hotel and food business is growing. Because of time crunch, people have started eating outside regularly now. This is fine for kitchen equipment manufacturers.

The company, with 20 people, manufactures and supplies equipment like deep freezer, water cooler, display refrigerator to malls, resorts and hotels in India.

Vanya Industrial Equipment, one more Faridabad-based manufacturer said that growing number of malls in India has fuelled the requirement. Also we have a great consumer base in local hallways too. Still they want to use the latest equipment. These kind of shops are also going through modernization. They want to use modern and fancy equipment to lure customers,” said Varun Arora, MD of Vanya Industrial Equipment. Started in 2005, Vanya offers a full line of commercial kitchen equipment for hotels that includes everything from freestanding ranges to custom island suites.

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